How do I know if the base station is working?

            Step 1: Check the Status Light.

            Open the electronics box & check to see if the status light (outlined in red below) is flashing green. If it is flashing green, your base station is working.

            Step 2: Check your Cheat Sheet (if you have one).

            If you purchased your base station in 2019 or later, your base station should have a 'cheat sheet' inside the lid of the electronics box, as shown below:
            Base Station Lighting Scheme


            Your base station is working correctly.

            'Radio Disconnected

            Check your radio module (we call it the Mercury Module) to make sure it's properly connected (see picture below).

            Mercury Module on the Cellular Base Station

            'No Cell Connection' or 'Message Failed to Send' 

            The base station may have had an issue connecting to the cell network or it might have had trouble sending a message. Press the reset button to try again (shown below, outlined in light blue). 

            Reset Button on Cellular Base Station

            Low Battery

            If it's been really cloudy or rainy and the base station isn't able to receive adequate sunlight to recharge its solar panel, it will go into 'power save mode' to preserve its battery life. You can either:
            1. Wait for the next sunny day and the base station will come back online on its own after charging the solar panel, or
            2. Use a Micro-USB cable to charge the base station with your computer, truck, etc.
            If you choose to second option, you'll need to plug in the Micro-USB cable in the upper left corner of the circuit board (shown below, outlined in light green): 
            Micro-USB Port on Cellular Base Station

            Step 3: Check the Indicator Lights

            If you have just turned your base station on, you will see red and green LED indicators on the left side of the circuit board as it connects to the network (outlined in yellow in the picture below). 

            Indicator Lights on Cellular Base Station

            The red light will flash progressively faster as it searches for & finds a network to use. Both the green light & red light will turn off once the base station connects to the network. Then, if the status light (shown in red above) starts flashing green, your base station is working.

            Updated: 03 Apr 2019 06:20 AM
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