How do I edit/log/delete a rainfall or irrigation event?

            To log an irrigation event, click (or tap) on the field where you applied irrigation. (Haven't created a field yet? Click here to learn more.)

            Click the blue droplet in the field details summary at the top of the page:

            From there, you'll see the following dialog box: 

            Select the day and the amount of irrigation applied. Click the 'plus' button to add the event.

            You can easily edit or remove an event by clicking the edit or delete icons in the table.

            To view past irrigation events, either 1) click on water droplet icon from the field page and view irrigation logs in tabular form, or 2) navigate to the field page and see the chart below the hardware table. 

            To the right of the chart, you can also view the cumulative rainfall and irrigation for the field. This is the season total and is based on the plant dates entered for each individual sensor. 

            Updated: 20 Aug 2019 01:24 AM
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